Miracle on 34th Street

"Taylor Congdon is appealingly tough but tender as Doris Walker. She warms up beleivably as the show progresses and has a nice voice particularly on "Melancholy Halls"--The Morning Call

Private Lives

"Taylor Congdon makes the most of a smaller part as Amanda’s completely disgusted French maid. She may speak no English, but the meaning of what she says is all too clear."-The Morning Call

"Coward livens up the final act with Louise, a cheeky French chambermaid (Taylor Congdon, a DeSales student) " --Philadelphia Inquirer

"Proving the adage that there are no small roles is Taylor Congdon, memorable as Louise the maid." --Lehigh Valley Press

"A touch of comedy was added by Taylor Congdon's appearance as a vindictive french maid who speaks French her clients don't understand" --The Lehigh Valley Stage

Miss Bennet: Christmas at Pemberley

"Taylor Congdon does an excellent job of portraying the at-times exasperating Mary. Mary is fascinated with scientific fact and Congdon makes her impulsiveness slightly annoying but ultimately endearing"--The Morning Call

The World Goes 'Round

"New to the SALT stage was the lovely and talented singer and dancer Taylor Congdon, with a voice clear as crystal--Broadway, here she comes!" -- B Sharp's Studio 6

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